Program Itinerary

Bring Israel Home; Bring Home to Israel

The Jewish Federation of Broward Israel Mission is all about celebrating and enhancing the connections between the Broward Community and the People of Israel.  By exploring Israel from south to north, creating inspirational moments during people-to-people encounters, and learning about amazing initiatives throughout the country, this mission is an opportunity to showcase and acknowledge the Federation’s contribution to Israel and the way it impacts Israeli reality. Our goal is for the participant to feel that he or she has left an indelible mark in Israel while allowing Israel to leave an everlasting imprint on the participant.

The mission will create memories, bring up questions and open up meaningful conversations, enabling those memories to become an integral part of community life back home in Florida. 


We are proud to partner with Eshet Incoming to arrange this incredible program. Eshet believes forming a partnership with the client will result in creating the ultimate mission that takes into consideration the client’s needs as well as the “burning “ issues and current reality in Israel. Eshet’s motto is transparency, ongoing dialogue and taking that “one extra step” in order to get it all just right! 

While a draft itinerary is currently available for this trip, it is subject to change up until the activities actually take place. We will share regular itinerary updates until the week before the trip. Even then, the itinerary is subject to change based on a variety of factors, including scheduling, traffic, other opportunities and safety considerations. Our goal is to be as accurate and prepared as possible, giving a good representation of what we will do on the program, and recognizing that flexibility is essential.

Pre-Mission to Israel | October 25-27, 2022

Tuesday, October 25 

  • Arrive at Ben Gurion Airport, meet and assist and then drive south towards the Negev. 

  • Visions and Visionaries: Quick stop at Ben Gurion’s Grave overlooking the Zinn Valley and stop for some refreshments and some stretching of the mind and  body while reading some of Ben Gurion's writings; 

  • Drive to Mitzpeh Ramon and check into the hotel.

  • Dinner at the hotel. 


Overnight: Beresheet Hotel, Mitzpe Ramon


Wednesday, October 26

  • Breakfast at the hotel.


Option 1: First Timers 

  • Visit the Ilan Ramon Visitors’ Center to learn more about the unique geological phenomena of the Ramon Crater.

  • Take a jeep ride through the crater and explore its many layers. Stop at Mount Gvanim for an overview and tea break.

  • Stop and fill your bottles with colored sand - an opportunity to bring some of Israel home with you.


Option 2: Second Timers 

  • Surf ‘s up: Try out your surfing skills in the Negev by experiencing sand surfing as you slide down the dunes (no experience is needed!).

  • Discover the secret of desert agriculture at the Ramat Negev R&D Center as you meet scientists and farmers and view the newest developments in the field of irrigation and agriculture.

  • New energy: Learn more about solar energy at the Ashalim Farm which boasts the largest solar-powered station in Israel. Hear about the environmental challenges surrounding this massive project and the creative solutions that have been developed.


Option 3: 

  • Spend all day relaxing and enjoying the hotel's facilities and spa. 


Both groups:

  • Return to the hotel to freshen up. 

  • The story of a pioneer: Treat your palate with wine tasting at either the Nana Estate Winery or the Shezaf Winery, followed by dinner.


Overnight: Beresheet Hotel, Mitzpe Ramon


Thursday, October 27

  • Breakfast at the hotel followed by check-out. 

  • Community Trauma and a New Kind of Normalcy:  Dialogue with Chen Kotler Abrahams about life in the shadow of Gaza and the ramifications of the “Guardian of the Wall” Operation.


Option 1: First Timers 

  • Drive to the Dead Sea Basin and take the cable car up to Masada, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; tour the ancient fortress that occupies a breathtaking, strategic location high on a flat plateau above the Dead Sea and gain insight into the symbolic importance of determination and heroism which continues to this day. Walk down via the famous snake path. 

  • Stop for a swim in the Dead Sea, known in Hebrew as Yam Ha-Melakh (The Sea of Salt), the lowest point on earth. 


Option 2: Second Timers 

  • Visit the Eshkol Regional Council, a Broward Federation beneficiary and learn about their work securing the health and safety of the elderly community. 

  • Stop at an overlook and discuss how geography influences security and daily life in the region.

  • Iron Dome - visit an Iron Dome post, meet the soldiers and learn how it operates (security pending).


Both groups:

  • Drive to Jerusalem and meet up with the Jewish Federation of Broward Mission for a shehecheyanu service overlooking the Old City Walls, perhaps accompanied with music performed by participants of the Ofek Liyladenu music program, a Federation beneficiary.  Location possibilities include the Goldman Promenade, the Teddy Park, or The House in the Valley located in the Hinnom Valley. 

  • Check into the hotel.

Overnight: David Citadel Hotel, Jerusalem


End of Pre-Mission


Main Mission | October 27-November 3, 2022

Thursday, October 27

  • Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, meet and assist and depart for Jerusalem.  

  • Arrive in Jerusalem and meet up with the Broward Federation Mission 2022 Pre-mission or a shehecheyanu service overlooking the Old City Walls. 

  • Check into the hotel.

  • Festive opening dinner at the Mamilla Rooftop Restaurant.


Overnight: David Citadel Hotel, Jerusalem 


Friday, October 28 

  • Reuniting All the Tribes: Breakfast and meeting with former President Rubi Rivlin to discuss his quest and efforts to unify Israeli society and accept its diversity.


Track 1: History and Advocacy 

  • Visit the Yad Vashem Memorial complex; located on the slopes of the Mount of Remembrance at the edge of Jerusalem, the renewed Yad Vashem Museum opened in 2005.  Its nine galleries of interactive historical displays present the complex story of the Holocaust. Participate in a memorial ceremony at the Valley of the Communities and reconnect to our European roots.  

  • Stop at Mt. Herzl, Israel's National Cemetery, housing the remains of Theodor Herzl, the visionary of the Jewish State, and pay tribute to the people who helped found the State of Israel. 


Track 2: Art and Culture 

  • Explore the brand new Museum of Tolerance, a museum highlighting the core values that have sustained the Jewish People, while confronting the real issues that divide humanity and threaten its future, especially in the city of Jerusalem.

  • Visit Hamifal - "The Factory" - a community of artists that turned an abandoned 19th century building in the heart of Jerusalem into a shared platform for art and culture.


Track 3: The People of Israel & The Culinary Scene

  • Visit the Israel Museum’s Jewish Ethnography Wing and learn about Jewish communities from all over the world that make up the mosaic of Israel society. 

  • From kugel to beigele - tour the neighborhoods of Jerusalem and taste food from both sides -Jewish and Arab - all blended into one delicious Israeli mix. The tour will be led by Lilach Rubin, a food curator and an expert on Jerusalem food.


All Tracks: 

  • Return to the hotel and freshen up before Kabbalat Shabbat. 

  • Welcoming in Shabbat: Take a minute to reconnect and think of loved ones who couldn’t be here, as we sing and pray in the Old City, either at the Southern Steps or at the Tower of David, accompanied by the singing of Israel's former IDF Chief Cantor, Shai Abramson.  

  • Return to the hotel; optional davening at local synagogues or at the Western Wall.

  • Festive Shabbat dinner on the hotel terrace, accompanied by our Cantor.  Engage with guest lone soldiers as they share their stories about leaving their families abroad to serve as lone soldiers in Israel. 


Overnight: David Citadel Hotel, Jerusalem 


Saturday, October 29

  • Breakfast at the hotel.

  • Optional synagogue visits in Jerusalem: you will be accompanied to the synagogue of your choice from the offered options. 

  • Afternoon walking tour exploring Jerusalem (participants will choose in advance one of the options below): 

    • If Walls Could Speak: Visit Yemin Moshe and Mahane Israel and hear the stories of the brave men and women that started a revolution by settling in the first houses located outside the Old City Walls.

    • The Jewish Quarter: Visit all the classic sites in the Jewish Quarter and see history come to life from the 1st Temple Period to the 1967 Six Day War. 

    • The Old City Ramparts: View the Old City from above and get a taste of all 4 Quarters as you walk along the Old City Ramparts. 

    • The Railroad (Mesilla) Park: Walk along the route of the Ottoman Railway,  a lively urban park that connects different neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

  • All mission participants will reunite for a Havdalah service at the Bloomfield Park near the hotel, led by Cantor Shai Abramson.  

  • Optional visit:  “The Night Spectacular’ at the Tower of David Museum.

  • Free time in Jerusalem to explore Jerusalem's fine restaurants for dinner on your own (we will assist with reservations).


Overnight: David Citadel Hotel, Jerusalem 


Sunday, October 30

  • Check out of the hotel.

  • Saving Lives - My Own and Others: Private breakfast with Eli Beer, Founder of United Hatzalah (Federation beneficiary). Mr. Beer miraculously recovered from Covid and is now even more devoted to the work of United Hatzalah.


Track 1: History and Advocacy 

  • Visit Ammunition Hill, site of one of the most famous battles of the Six-Day War.  Learn how this war impacted Israel's reality until today and meet with former soldiers who fought in the battle or with their family members.

  • Drive along the historic seam-line and discuss the complexity of the city and the relations between West and East Jerusalem, stopping at the Seam Line Museum for an overview. 

  • Venture through the Machane Yehuda Open-Air Market for a tasting tour and explore the flavors, smells and personalities that make this unique market one of Jerusalem's jewels. 

  • Stop at Geva Binyamin and meet soldiers at one of the Yashar LaChayal’s (a Federation beneficiary) Warm Corner Project, A Warm Corner is a small space set aside at the entrance of a community, within range of IDF patrols, and is stocked with food and drinks for the benefit of combat soldiers in the area.

  • Drive to and tour magnificent Caesarea, a national park where amazing ancient harbor ruins and beautiful beaches meet. 


Track 2: Art and Culture 

  • Special visit to the Israel Museum guided by Dr.  Adolfo Roitman, a curator of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and hear behind-the-scenes stories of this groundbreaking archaeological find.  

  • Designing Not Only for Beauty:  Visit Jerusalem’s Shalva Center and see how design is a tool for the Inclusion of people with disabilities. Learn about the Center’s different programs and meet with participants and staff. 

  • Venture through the Machane Yehuda Market for a tasting tour exploring all flavors, smells, and personalities that make this unique market one of Jerusalem's jewels. 

  • Visit The Megemeria School of Jewelry and Art, a project providing professional training and employment opportunities to Ethiopian immigrants to facilitate their integration into Israeli society; meet with designers and students.


Track 3: The People of Israel & The Culinary Scene 

  • Get to know the rich tapestry of Jewish ethnicities by touring the neighborhood of Nachlaot, said at one time to have the highest concentration of synagogues in the world (300 within the radius of just a few blocks!), creating a unique blend of Jews from Europe, Asia and North Africa, each group honoring its own tradition but also influenced by their neighbors. 

  • Venture through the Machane Yehuda Market for a tasting tour exploring all flavors, smells, and personalities that make this unique market one of Jerusalem's jewels.

  • The Land of Olives:  Drive north to Kibbutz Magal for a tour and tasting of fine olive oil. Meet the people behind the oil, hear stories, learn about cultivation and extraction, taste the different types of oil and choose the right ones for you.


All Tracks: 

  • Check into the hotel.

  • The Broward Impact: Dinner and panel at the hotel with several of our Ethiopian-Israeli College students who receive scholarships from our community upon completing their army service; hear about their challenges and successes. 


Overnight: Dan Caesarea Hotel, North 


Monday, October 31

  • Breakfast at the hotel followed by check out.

  • Morning at Nesher to celebrate the Broward- Nesher Partnership while meeting the people spearheading and maintaining the relationship on a year-long basis. 


Track 1: History and Advocacy

  • Tour at Af Al Pi Chen, the only remnant of the 116 ships of all shapes and sizes that tried to break the British blockade in order to bring Jewish refugees to the shores of Mandatory Palestine. 

  • Visit Zichron Yaacov, one of the first Zionist settlements founded and supported by the Rothschild family. Visit the old streets and the spectacular synagogue built 140 years ago. 

  • Experience being a pilot in a squadron of F-16 and F-35 flight simulators, a special simulator designed and guided by former IDF pilots. 

  • Drive to Tel Aviv and begin with an introduction of the city at the famous Habima Square, designed by the late Danny Karavan. 


Track 2: Art and Culture

  • Take a theatrical tour around the Ein Hod Artists Village; the tour will lead you through alleyways into artist studios and also visit the famous Dada artist, Marcel Janco. 

  • Stop for some wine and chocolate tasting at the Tishbi Estate Winery and learn more about the Israeli wine culture.

  • Visit the Neve Michael Children’s Village (a Federation beneficiary) and Crisis Center that provides a safe, secure and nurturing haven for many of Israel’s most vulnerable children. 


Track 3: The People of Israel & The Culinary Scene 

  • Participate in a Druze cooking workshop at a local home; try some local delicacies and practice the art of stuffing fig leaves. Hear from the host about the village’s history and about their way of life. 

  • Visit the Schwartzman Farmhouse at Bat Shlomo to meet 3rd generation cheesemakers and farmers in their old historic home, including some cheese tasting and small talk.  

  • Wine tasting at the Bat Shlomo Winery. Founded by entrepreneur, Elie Wurtman who partnered with the Napa Valley winemaker, Ari Erle, the winery helped revitalize the land and fulfill Rothschild's legacy by replanting the vineyards. 


All Tracks: 

  • Drive to Tel Aviv and have dinner overlooking the water at the Tel Aviv Port.

  • Check into the hotel.

  • Enjoy a free evening in Tel Aviv and get to see firsthand what the hype is all about.


Overnight: Hilton, Tel Aviv


Tuesday, November 1

  • Breakfast at the hotel.


Track 1: History and Advocacy

  • Tour of Jaffa (also known as Yafo), the ancient port city from which Tel Aviv has now grown. In recent years, like much of South Tel Aviv, this area has been regenerated and the old narrow streets and courtyards are now another highly desirable part of Tel Aviv’s urban tapestry. Gain a better understanding of the fragility of this city's daily life, a city that is challenged by gentrification and extremists from both sides of the political map.

  • Get a glimpse of Tel Aviv's early days during a tour of Neve Zedek and the Suzanne Dallal Compound, once a school and now a “happening” cultural center.

  • Enjoy the food, sites and smells of Tel Aviv’s Carmel Open-Air Market. 

  • Visit the Palmach Museum and pay tribute to the founders of Israel as you learn about the Palmach’s legacy through the stories of individuals and groups. 


Track 2: Art and Culture

  • Take part in a Graffiti tour of Tel Aviv; walk through the streets of southern Tel Aviv admiring and learning about the city’s vibrant street art and graffiti scene as you hear compelling stories behind the artwork from a local guide.

  • Taste and explore in the Jaffa flea market:  the Market is the top spot for colorful kilim rugs, authentic Middle Eastern antiques and a range of eateries and local designer boutiques.

  • Take a guided tour by an art specialist of the “Kiryat Ha’melacha” neighborhood in South Tel Aviv. Once an industrial area, the neighborhood was abandoned and neglected before being “adopted” by Israeli artists to become a busy web of Israeli contemporary art.


Track 3: The People of Israel & The Culinary Scene 

  • Visit the Asif Culinary Institute of Israel, a new center created to gather information and experiment with preserving Israeli food heritage. Tour the urban rooftop farm and become acquainted with Israeli herbs. Visit the library and archives and meet with the founder and chef, Naama Shefi. 

  • Take a tasting journey through Tel Aviv’s famous Levinsky Market where you'll find a combination of foods and sweets from all over the Mediterranean and hear the unique stories of the individuals who sell them.

  • Israeli Whisky?:  Take a tour of the Milk and Honey Distillery, Israel’s first whiskey distillery. Learn how they are taking advantage of Israel’s average of 300 sunny days per year, along with the Mediterranean climate that encourages maturation. Allowing the whisky to age rapidly yet significantly gracefully.  Tasting is of course included!


All Tracks: 

  • Enjoy a free evening in Tel Aviv.


Overnight: Hilton, Tel Aviv


Wednesday, November 2

  • Understanding What is Really Going on in Israel, and Why: Private Breakfast with former member of the Israeli Parliament, Dr. Elinat Wilf.

  • Love, Eat, Drink & Reflect: Small group reflection time about bringing Israel home. 

  • Innovation and Peace in the Footsteps of Giants:  Visit The Israeli Innovation Center. 

  • Check out of the hotel.

  • Stop for a group photo at the Jaffa Port. 

  • Visit The Peres Center that presents the incredible story of Israel, the innovation nation, and meet with Chemi Peres, son of the late former Israeli President Shimon Peres, and CEO of Pitango Venture Capital.

  • Festive farewell dinner in Riverside Tel Aviv–celebrate the end of our journey in Israel and hear from special guest Minister of Diaspora Affairs, Nachman Shai.

  • Depart for Ben Gurion Airport for various departure flights to the US.


Post-Mission to Petra | November 3-5, 2022

Thursday, November 3 

  • Early breakfast at the Hilton Tel Aviv (included in the main package).

  • Depart the hotel to Ben Gurion Airport for a domestic flight.

  • Board domestic flight to Ramon International Airport, Arrive and transfer to the Arava border, where you will cross into Jordan.

  • Begin your two-hour journey to Petra by passing through Aqaba and the famed Wadi Rum. Learn about Jordan's history and culture.

  • Lunch en route.

  • Stop at a viewpoint overlooking Wadi Musa (Moses Valley), where we can see the shrine marking the grave of Aaron, Moses' brother, on a mountaintop in the distance. Check in to the hotel.

  • Dinner at the hotel.

  • Enjoy Petra at Night, a one-of-a-kind event that will bring this historical monument, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, to life.


Overnight: Movenpick Hotel, Petra


Friday, November 4

  • Breakfast at the hotel.

  • Tour the 'lost city of Petra' and see all of its magnificent sights, including the Siq, Obelisk Tomb, Calligraphy, Treasury, Jabal Madbach (sacrificial palace), Tombs, Theater, and Mountaintop Tombs.

  • Lunch en route.

  • Depart and head back to the Arava border in Eilat.

  • Cross over to Eilat and transfer to the hotel for check-in.

  • Dinner on own on Eilat.


Overnight: Herodes Hotel, Eilat


 Saturday, November 5

  • Breakfast at the hotel.

  • Morning at leisure to enjoy the hotel.

  • Check out and store luggage at the hotel (by 11:00 am).

  • Late afternoon transfer to Ramon International Airport for the domestic flight.

  • Arrive at Ben Gurion International Airport and transfer to terminal 3 for International departure flights.

  • Check-in for your flights back to the US.

Post-Mission to UAE | November 3-7, 2022

Thursday, November 3 | Arrival

  • Arrival in Dubai


Friday, November 4 | Old Dubai City and Desert Safari

  • Breakfast in your hotel.

  • Start your visit by passing by historic Bastakiya (drive through) and crossing the creek with abra ride,

  • Visit the Gold Souk (walk through), Spice Souk (walk through), and Ruling Family Palace - Zabeel Palace (photo stop).

  • Afternoon pick-up from the hotel by 4x4-6 person in coach-for your life time experience Desert Safari.

  • Drive to the desert entrance then start your trip with dune bashing.

  • Drive to reach the high dune (with photo stop) for the sun set then drive towards your Safari camp in the middle of the serene desert.

  • Camel riding for picture taking, henna sessions, Arabic Shisha and Traditional Arabic Costume, Tanoura/Sofi Dance, Belly Dance Show.

  • Dinner Buffet with Barbeque.

  • After show transfer back to your hotel.


Saturday, November 5 | Modern Dubai and Marina Dhow Cruise

  • Breakfast in your hotel.

  • Join your guide to visit Atlantis Hotel on the Palm Jumeirah (photo stop), skyline of Dubai Marina (photo stop), passing by the Modern Architecture Buildings in Sheikh Zayed Road, Burj Al Arab Hotel and Jumeirah Public Beach (photo shop), Souk Madinat Jumeirah (walk though), Dubai mall and Burj Khalifa (entry stop).

  • Transfer for your dinner at Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise.

  • Back to your hotel and over night.


Sunday, November 6 | Capital of UAE

  • Breakfast in your hotel.

  • Start your visit by sheikh Zayad Grand Mosque-dress code required (entry), Emirates Palace (photo stop), Presidential Palace (photo stop).

  • Pass by corniche area (drive through), Abu Dhabi Marina (drive through), Heritage Village (entry), Yas Island visit with photo stop in Ferrari world.

  • Back to Dubai and over night.


Monday, November 7 | Departure

  • Breakfast in your hotel then transfer  for your final departure.